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my friendship with darrkeyeddreamers has given me strength and endurance and confidence in myself in a way that i honor and love. i know we are far apart and that we do not get to talk much, but i always remember our times together during middle and high school fondly, and thank you for helping me come terms with this and listen to me while i wrestle with its complexities. thank you for letting me sleep in your basement. thank you for watching parks and recreation with me and for tell me i looked great in my first binder. thank you for everything, essentially, and for being a great best friend. 

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Arriving at your gender identity 15 years late with Starbucks

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Om Kolthom rockin’ the casbah in Morocco


Om Kolthom rockin’ the casbah in Morocco

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Anonymous: thank you so much for existing

Thank you so much for existing, Anon. Thank you so much for taking the time out your day/night to tell me this. I really appreciate it.

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  • the secret life of water mitty and sushi tonight with my family and we talked about going to SF for a few hours before heading to hawai’i for the end of 2014 and all i could think about was you and those late night skype sessons and how i’ve learned to love people i’ve never met and how strange and beautiful that is
  • i crossed the same street and saw a different mural this time / we are sitting on the same couch my dad said he wouldn’t mind having calling me micah or acknowledging me as his son / it’s been more than a year, and they are finally coming around
  • this week has been spent working on the same essay until late =at the library / it is strange to notice how the lamplight illuminates trees in contrast to how sunlight does  
  • nine months till that starts / year from now three months in / time is a force i have come to hold in the present 
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why do some people act like they’ve never seen anyone beautiful before

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